Suplemento ao Diploma

The Diploma Supplement is a complementary document of the diploma that is awarded at the end of a study program and which includes the description of the higher education system of the country of origin of the diploma, characterizing the higher education institution that conferred the diploma, the education program carried out and its objectives, also providing detailed information on the results obtained.
The Diploma Supplement is a bilingual document, issued by the competent authority that awarded the diploma.
It is important to note that the Diploma Supplement is purely informative in nature and does not replace the diploma nor constitutes proof of entitlement to the qualification to which it refers. It is compulsorily issued and free of charge whenever a diploma is awarded.
In Portugal, following the commitments made under the Bologna process, Decree-Law no. 42/2005 of 22 February was adopted, approving the principles governing the instruments for the creation of a European higher education area, in particular in what concerns the Diploma Supplement. On January 10, 2008, Portaria No. 30/2008 was published, which regulates article 39 of Decree-Law No. 42/2005.
- Description of the national higher education system referred to in section 8 of the Diploma Supplement (PT ; EN)

- Diagram of the Portuguese Higher Education System (PT ; EN)