Change of Institution/Course Pair


The student who wants to change institution/course must combine the following cumulative legal conditions:


A)    Been matriculated and enrolled in another institution/course and has not completed it - in a foreign higher education institution defined as superior by the legislation of the country concerned;

B)    Have Accomplish Portuguese national secondary school leaving exams corresponding entrance exams required for matters of selection and serialization to apply to the specific courses wish to attend for that pair, for that year, under the general access regime - which may have been carried out in any school year;

In Portugal, students need to take the national secondary education exams corresponding to the entrance exams established for the pair institution / course, which intend to apply. You can consult all accredited and registered courses and respective entrance exams required in 2018, in the index of courses in English available on the DGES website.  (For students that have foreign secondary school leaving certificate, the institution of higher education can accept, in some cases, foreign exam marks in substitution of Portuguese national secondary school leaving exams in selection and ranking contest process);

C)    Have, in these exams, the minimum classification required by the higher education institution, in that year, under the general access regime.


For this purpose the student has to submit an application to the institution where wants to study. 

The higher education institution where the student wishes to join can come to accept the application at any time of the school year, whenever considers there are integration conditions or can be created in the course concerned. 

The change of course is subject to quantitative restrictions (number of vacant), which are set by the higher education institution where the student wants to join. The student is subdue to other limitations imposed by law, as well as those imposed by that institution, which has competence to decide on the request for change of course that will be presented, defining if the student fulfills the legal requirements or not (namely, you also need to prove the conclusion of your secondary education).  

Moreover, each higher education institution defines a regulation for these situations, so the student needs to contact the entity where wants to enroll, for more information.

The change to any course where prerequisites or specific vocational skills are required, under the legal regime of access to higher education, demands the satisfaction of the same. 

With regard to crediting of training or previous work experience, the student should contact the higher education institution to where wants to make the change of course or transfer.

You can also consult all accredited and registered courses, in the index of courses in English available on the DGES website, as well as higher education contacts


Legislation - Ministerial Order No. 181-D/2015, June 19th



Portaria n.º 181-D/2015, de 19 de julho - Aprova o Regulamento dos Regimes de Reingresso e de Mudança de Par Instituição/Curso no Ensino Superior.
Portaria nº 181-D/2015, de 19 de junho
Revoga, com efeitos a partir do fim da candidatura à matrícula e inscrição no ano letivo de 2015-2016, a Portaria n.º 401/2007, de 5 de abril, alterada pela Portaria n.º 232-A/2013, de 22 de julho e pelo Decreto-Lei n.º 113/2014, de 16 de julho.
State: Vigente
Acesso ao Ensino Superior