Mobility to Portugal

Portugal has been chosen as a host country for an increasing number of international students. At the Study in Portugal website you can find the essential information about our higher education and life in our country.
If you would like to experience an academic mobility period in Portugal, we should start by distinguishing partial mobility (only a part of the academic cycle) from full mobility (a complete cycle of studies in Portugal).
For a full mobility in a first cycle course (called “licenciatura” in Portugal), you must have your previous academic experience recognized.
If you are a national of a EU Member-state (or if you have been legally residing in Portugal for more than 2 years) the same conditions of enrolment in higher education will be applied to you that are applied to Portuguese citizens (Please note that Portuguese emigrants benefit from a special contingent).
If you are a third country national and would like to apply for a first cycle course (“licenciatura”) there is a specific regime for International Students. There are also other special regimes for Scholars from Portuguese Speaking African Countries (PALOP), diplomatic missions that are accredited in Portugal; and for those born in East-Timor and their children. Please keep in mind that you might need a visa to remain in Portugal.
For the second and third cycles (called, respectively, "mestrado” and “doutoramento” in Portugal), as well as for partial mobility, we recommend that you contact directly the Portuguese higher education institution that you wish to enroll in.
The Erasmus+ Programme has been annually responsible for the arrival in Portugal of thousands of young European students. If you are interested in experiencing a Erasmus+ mobility in Portugal we recommend you to contact your Erasmus+ National Agency or your higher education institution.
There might also exist other mobility opportunities so we recommend that you look for information at you higher education institution.