Issuing diplomas and diploma supplement

The title of the degrees and diplomas is evidenced by a certificate from the register drawn up and subscribed by the statutory and competent body of the higher education institution, generally known as a diploma.
The issue of the diploma (or registration certificate) can not be conditioned to the request for issuance or payment of any other academic document.
The amount charged for issuing any of these documents may not exceed the respective service cost. The setting of the amounts to be collected falls within the competence of higher education institutions. They must be shown separately from a scale of fees and do not significantly and unjustifiably exceed, in breach of the principle of proportionality, the costs necessary for the reproduction and authentication or documentary certification.
The issuance of any of these documents is accompanied by the issuance of the diploma supplement, a bilingual document containing the description of the higher education system (as provided by NARIC), the characterization of the institution that awarded the diploma, the training and objectives and the results obtained.


Decreto-Lei n.º 74/2006, de 24 de março - Graus e Diplomas do Ensino Superior
Decreto-Lei nº 74/2006, de 24 de março
Aprova o regime jurídico dos graus académicos e diplomas do ensino superior
Artigo 49.º
State: Vigente
Diplomas estruturantes do Ensino Superior, Graus, Títulos e Equivalências, Cursos Técnicos Superiores Profissionais (TeSP)
Portaria n.º 30/2008, de 10 de janeiro - Suplemento ao diploma
Portaria nº 30/2008, de 10 de janeiro
Regula o suplemento ao diploma
State: Vigente
Graus, Títulos e Equivalências