Grants for attendance of students with disabilities

Through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, the Government has defined the initiative "Inclusion for Knowledge" as one of the goals of the legislature in order to promote access to higher education and to knowledge of citizens with special needs, creating the conditions for the exercise of the rights that are conferred on any member of a democratic and inclusive society.

In this sense, the Regulation for the Allocation of Grants for Higher Education Frequency of Students with a disability of 60% or more was approved, according to which eligible students may apply for a grant corresponding to the value of the fee actually paid.

Students applying for this grant must:

  • Be enrolled in a higher education institution;
  • Make proof of the degree of disability through a medical certificate;
  • Have the tax and social security situation regularized.

The requirements for applying to this grant may be submitted until the end of the school year to which they respect.

The application process is done through online form, after accreditation, available from here.



Despacho n.º 8584/2017 (2.ª série), de 29 de setembro - Regulamento de Atribuição de Bolsas para Frequência de Estudantes com Incapacidade
Despacho nº 8584/2017, de 29 de setembro
Aprova o Regulamento de Atribuição de Bolsas de Estudo para Frequência do Ensino Superior de Estudantes com incapacidade igual ou superior a 60%
State: Vigente
Apoio ao Estudante