Award conditions

Are grants awarded to students enrolled in any type of course?

Grants can be awarded for the attendance of the following courses held in higher education institutions:

  • Professional Higher Technical Courses;
  • Licenciatura courses;
  • Mestrado integrado courses;
  • Mestrado courses.

Graduates of licenciatura or mestrado courses can also be awarded a grant when, in the period of 24 months after obtaining the degree, undergoing professional training for the exercise of a profession.

I will attend a doutoramento course. Can I apply for a grant?

About doutoramento courses grants you should contact the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (

I do not have Portuguese nationality. Can I apply for a grant?

In addition to Portuguese citizens, the following may also apply for a grant:

     - Citizens who are nationals of Member States of the European Union with the right to a permanent residence in Portugal, and their families;

     - Third country nationals:

         i) Holders of a permanent residence permit;

         ii) Beneficiaries of long-term resident status;

         iii) Coming from States with cooperation agreements providing for the application of such benefits;

         iv) Coming from States whose law, on equal terms, grants equal treatment to Portuguese students;

     - Stateless people;

     - Beneficiaries of political refugee status.

How many ECTS credits do I have to be enrolled in to obtain a grant?

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 30 ECTS credits, with the exceptions provided in the Regulation.

I want to study abroad. Can I apply for a grant?

Grants awarded under the Regulation are only intended for students enrolled in Portuguese higher education institutions.